Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Health and Safety Plan

For Skyrise City we require each team to complete a Health and Safety Plan for their project. This document can be downloaded here (doc) or here (pdf). Please take your time to attend to this document with care and attention. Discuss your plans for the event with your tutor(s). Use extra pages and drawings if this will help you explain how you will transport, install and dismantle your project safely and within all relevant laws and regulations.

You need to hand your plan into the box outside my office (room 333) by 4:00pm on Friday October 1. This will give us the opportunity to review your plans well ahead of the event and address any concerns we might have. The Health and Safety plan also operates as your entry form for Skyrise City, so make sure you give the correct details of your team and that you have your plan in on time.

Something you might want to think about - the tallest height object that you are allowed to drive down any street is 4.25m. For further information about safely towing a load on a trailer see this link.


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