Monday, August 2, 2010

Some Q+A regarding OPEN entries

This below applies to open entries for SKYRISE City

* Can there be any tolerance to the number of people per group? (you
mentioned 2~3) but I was wondering if matters if there were more.
This group size restriction is only for Design 4 students here at the university, it does not apply to open entries. So, for instance, a practice could put in an entry.

* What would be the appropriate means of conducting this exercise?
through constant email with you? or could we meet in person to
discuss this event in detail?
Keep looking on the website for updates ( Meet the entry requirements (eg send in entry form,which will be available next week, the health and safety plan etc when required) then email me with any further questions or queries

* Scheduling wise, has there been any word as to how this project will
be paced along? and would there be any specific dates in which we
could attend to gain information and insight into the project?
Open entries need to be self initiating. So while we have a teaching programme in place for the Design 4 studio entries, with crits etc, we are not running these for open entries. Think of it as any other competition.

* Is there any additional information about the project in general?
- material restrictions? none, although they will have to meet health and safety criteria
-guidlines? Keep looking at the website for these, there will be some refining of the height requirement and closer to the event further guidelines will come out
- safety precautions, and how to go about dealing with this. Each team will be required to supply a health and safety plan for their project. This will be a pro-form document which will be sent to every team who has entered. I will need to be assured from the health and saftey plan that the project can go ahead.

-site conditions: whether we could go visit the site itself? There is no public access to the site. I will put some images of it up on this blog. We are planning a site visit for next Friday 13 August. I will contact you to confirm this.

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